Phreshblood Case Study

Phreshblood takes inspiration from the human body in a psychedelic and surreal fashion. Jordan’s signature style is the chaos of acrylic pouring layered with hand-drawn digital artwork.




James Kouzinas | Director, Brand Strategist, Designer, UI/UX

Bec Jones | Brand Strategist

Jatin Sethi | Development








Jordan was looking for a better way to reach his customers and showcase his art.


He’d seen other artists go ‘digital’, but he didn’t know where to begin and what the landscape looked like for someone with his craft.


Taking this into account, we sought to do more than simply build a digital home for his art…we wanted his brand to connect, educate, and inspire.

Jordan shared with us some of his favorite art sites and also explained his burning desire to celebrate the imagery. In his view, his customers aren’t there for his words…they are there for the visual.

Strategy and Brand Positioning

Within minutes of meeting Jordan, we knew just how important his work was to him. The passion exploded through the surface, much like the psychedelic colors do from his art.


So strong was the passion, it was obvious what we had to do…celebrate the portfolio and Jordan’s unique work.

Great customer experience

We built an asset where ‘Creative’ meets ‘Seamless’ UI/UX. Our goal was to make the website easy for people to navigate, shop, and enjoy the work.


We referenced Jordan’s roots; Where’s he’s from and where he currently resides and mentioned his work as an Emergency Nurse. We felt that these elements would allow the audience to connect with Jordan on a deeper level.


We celebrated the portfolio by focusing on the visual on various pages of the website.

Voice and Platforms

Authentic | Humble | Collaborative | Inspiring


Brand Archetype

In exploring the Archetype, one jumped out at us – The Creator.

The Creator makes his own trends

He is unapologetic in his expression

He loves to break the rules

Design and Development

Inspired by both local and international artists, as well as larger eCommerce shops, we got to work.

Powerful Visuals

To meet Jordan’s desire of ‘celebrating the work’, we leveraged powerful visuals throughout the whole website, starting with key portfolio pieces on the home page.


To showcase Jordan’s depth in his craft, we used a banner with custom icons that depicted the different styles of art and work he is capable of.


We set out clearly defined pages, making it easy for the users to navigate, view, and purchase Jordan’s artwork.


Continuing with this theme of providing a strong UI/UX, we opted for a filterable portfolio, allowing the user to navigate to the art-type of their choice with ease.

Colour and Imagery

Jordan’s art has interesting colors that jump off the page so to balance this out, we leveraged white negative space throughout his design and worked with tan/black for the headers and banners.


All of the images used were from Jordan’s custom portfolio.


We faced an interesting challenge with Shipping.


Specifically, Jordan wanted flat-fee shipping for all of his pieces, except the Resin art, as this is quite large and heavy.


For Resin art, Jordan wanted a message to appear in the checkout section of the UX, instead of a $ amount.


Through some clever engineering, we made this happen.

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Phreshblood takes inspiration from the human body in psychedelic and surreal fashion.


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