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Part 1 – Banking and Finance


I was fortunate enough to spend 11 years working at National Australia Bank (nab), Australias #1 Corporate and Institutional Bank. During this time, I worked across corporate finance and FX markets, working with private and publicly listed companies. The skills and experience I garnered in those 11 years is something I’m very grateful for. Every day, I was surrounded by some of Australias brightest corporate professionals, and together, we structured/executed complex solutions for the country’s best businesses in verticals ranging from mining and resources to professional services and technology.


I have many moments that I’d mark as ‘key highlights’ but two that spring to mind are:


  • Being the first banker in Australia to onboard a cryptocurrency client (2013) who was mining Bitcoin. Working with the banks AML unit and Chief Risk Officer was a lot of fun and looking back, I wish I had bought some Bitcoin.
  • Managing my client’s currency exposures during BREXIT and the 2016 U.S. Elections. The price action on the AUD was wild…the traders in Sydney were shouting down the lines and the energy in our deal room was palpable.


I finished my time with nab in September 2018 during the week of having my first child…my entrepreneurial side pushed me into a new path.

Part 2: Entrepreneurship


My passion for helping people, mixed with my perpetual curiosity around exploring new ideas, led me to start Bright Matter Advisory in early 2018. Bright Matter is a boutique advisory firm that helps companies become Investor Ready and bring their vision to life.

Not long in, I found myself in regular company with one of Sydney’s premier property funds, EG, and together, we began regularly brainstorming, researching, and sharing ideas on all things FinTech and PropTech related.


Throughout that period, many different and interesting ideas were brought to the table and during these sessions, we noticed two consistent themes – our mutual love for helping people and solving problems. Putting our ideas into action, we decided to band together and form Nebula Ventures, a Human-Centric Digital Agency / Venture Capital Firm that invests in early-stage Fintech and Proptech businesses. With our expertise spanning the worlds of finance, real estate, development, digital marketing, and strategy, we help our founders navigate the ‘digital world’ – a vast space where humans and technology converge.


To learn more about me and our companies, please get in touch.


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Freelance and Advisory

Driven by curiosity, adept at strategy, problem solving and cross-team collaboration, I’m passionate about helping businesses thrive in the digital age.

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